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Rohrbach Brewing Company
is Rochester’s original craft brewery.

For 25 years, Rohrbach’s has been devoted to serving our region some of the finest quality beers that the Flour City has to offer.
We take pride in our region, our product, and our role in the community.


Rohrbach Scotch Ale

Scotch Ale

Our flagship brew, Rohrbach’s famous Scottish-style Ale is a strong, full-bodied ale with a sweet caramel finish.
  • ABV 6.8%
  • IBU 16
  • SRM 28

Highland Lager

An amber lager brewed with Munich, Vienna, and wheat malts to give the beer a subtle toasty flavor.
  • ABV 5.0%
  • IBU 11
  • SRM 20
Rohrbach Railroad Street IPA

Railroad Street IPA

Named after our brewery’s location on Railroad Street at the Public Market, Rohrbach’s version of an India Pale Ale has a big sinuous malty body backed by an overload of citrusy hops.
  • ABV 6.5%
  • IBU 66
  • SRM 11
Rohrbach Blueberry Ale

Blueberry Ale

A blonde ale with subtle blueberry flavor added, crisp and clean with a noticeable hop presence.
  • ABV 4.5%
  • IBU 14
  • SRM 2
Rohrbach Vanilla Porter

Vanilla Porter

A rich, complex English-style porter brewed with a variety of malt: chocolate, caramel, black, and roasted barley. Authentic vanilla extract is added after fermentation which gives the beer yet another layer of complexity.
  • ABV 5.9%
  • IBU 23
  • SRM 36
Rohrbach Space Kitty

Space Kitty

This American Double IPA features a trio of rare hops, high in alpha acids and juicy oils, that mimic those wonderful IPAs and Double IPAs of the West Coast that we love so dearly. Do not age Space Kitty and please drink fresh!
  • ABV 8.4%
  • IBU 96

seasonal brews

Kacey’s Kristmas Ale

Kacey's Kristmas Ale takes its name from the founder's daughter, Kacey. Kacey's Kristmas Ale is a brown ale flavored with real cherries. It boasts chocolate and coffee flavors which are balanced by the crisp zest of hops, finishing with the semi-tart cherry taste.
  • ABV 4.5%
  • IBU 15
  • SRM 30

neoteric series

Cookies & Milk Stout

Cookies & Milk Stout

This cookie-infused milk stout is a grown up spin on your favorite childhood treat. Its specialty malts, cacao, and vanilla will transport you right back to snack time. Full-bodied, creamy, and slightly sweet, this specialty stout reminds us that we're never too old for milk and cookies.

  • ABV 7.4%
  • IBU 30
Maltster Matt's Brown Ale

Maltster Matt’s Brown Ale

This rich American brown ale is a veritable burst of dense, chocolate maltiness, balanced beautifully with classic American hops.  As the first Small-Batch beer brewed at our newly-renovated Railroad Street brewhouse, this mahogany-hued beauty is proudly brewed in honor of the firstborn of its artisan, Eric. Find it in stores and on draft starting week of 10/9! Stay tuned for list of retailers and on-tap locations...
  • ABV 4.3%
  • IBU 30

current small-batches & specialty

Just A Beer

Just A Beer

This American pale ale features a substantial amount of hop flavor derived from El Dorado and Cascade hops. Tropical fruit flavors like papaya and mango wash over the palate while a healthy amount of wheat malt helps maintain body in this thirst quenching sessionable ale. Go ahead and drink up! It’s just a beer!
  • ABV 4.6%
  • IBU 25

Leftover Breakfast

An american strong ale brewed with a healthy amount of German rye malt. The rye and the Rye and the Horizon hops give this beer a pleasant spicy character.
  • ABV 7.5%
  • IBU 70
Wolves Clothes Brett Pale Ale

Wolves’ Clothes Brett Pale Ale

American Pale Ale brewed with wheat and oats. Tropical mango and melon notes. Fermented with 100% Brettanomyces.
Cascadian Dark Black IPA

Cascadian Dark

This Black IPA is brewed with cold steeped, dark roasted malt. Pine and citrus forward hops help accentuate the roast flavor. Medium-light bodied with a dry finish makes this beer refreshing yet complex.
  • ABV 5.0%
  • IBU 71
Next Door Ale

Next Door Ale

Next Door Ale is balanced with Munich & Vienna malts and German-style hops.  The result is a golden-hued ale with flavors of toasted malt and a faint floral essence. This ale is brewed for Wegmans' Next Door Bar & Grill.
  • ABV 5.5%
  • IBU 16
Flaherty's Irish Ale

Flaherty’s Irish Ale

Flaherty's stylistically leans towards a blonde ale as opposed to an Irish ale.  It is completely inoffensive to the drinker, with flavors of light grain and crisp American hops.  This ale is specially brewed for Flaherty's Three Flags Inn.
  • ABV 4.5%
  • IBU 12
Johnnys Red Couch

Johnny’s Red Couch

The malts used give this ale its amber hue and notes of caramel flavor. This refreshing brew has a complex and somewhat fruity flavor due to the esters, or flavors, give off by the yeast.
  • ABV 5.6%
Lips-A-Doozie Belgian Amber

“Lips-A-Doozie” Amber Ale

The malts used give this ale its amber hue and notes of caramel flavor. This refreshing brew has a complex and somewhat fruity flavor due to the esters, or flavors, give off by the yeast.
  • ABV 5.5%
  • IBU 30
BlackBird Hard Cider

BlackBird Premium Draft Hard Cider

A semi-sweet, lightly carbonated session draft cider with a sweet apple bouquet and honey notes.
  • ABV 7.3%

out of season


Rohrbach’s Oktoberfest is a tribute to the authentic, German-style lager served around the world during autumn. Brewed with vast amounts of Vienna and Munich malts, balanced with the bitterness of German noble hops, fermented with a lager yeast strain, and lagered for over a month, our Oktoberfest is full- bodied and packed full of flavor.
  • ABV 5.9%
  • IBU 17
  • SRM 20
Patty's Cream Ale

Patty’s Cream Ale

Patty's Irish-Style Cream Ale is brewed with malted wheat, honey malt, and aromatic malt from Europe, along with authentic English-style hops. Medium-bodied, creamy, and semi-sweet, this Cream Ale is truly refreshing, pint after pint. To contrary belief, Patty's Irish Cream Ale is not named after St. Patrick, but instead the founder's wife, Patty.
  • ABV 4.8%
  • IBU 16

Red Wing Red Ale

The Red Wing Red Ale is considered to be an American Amber Ale. Lightly hopped, it highlights the caramel malts used in the brewing process.  This red ale is a local classic brewed for the Rochester Red Wings, the Triple A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.  Crisp and refreshing, it is a staple to a home ball game.
  • ABV 4.6%
  • IBU 13
  • SRM 18

gone, but not forgotten!

Don't Be Jelly

Don’t Be Jelly!

Don't... Be... Jelly. Yes, we have complete freedom to make whatever kind of beer we desire. We could brew a robust English-style Porter loaded with chocolate and crystal malts. And yes, we could go nuts by adding gobs of natural peanut butter to create a delicious beer that satisfies several cravings! But please... Don't be jelly... We'll share!
  • ABV 8.7%
  • IBU 27


This young barleywine is deep amber in color and is quite an intense beer. Complex resiny hop flavors are perceived and followed by a rich boozy finish. Let this brew be the perfect nightcap.
  • ABV 10.0%
  • IBU 68

Cascade sMasH Imperial IPA

The abundant use of cascade hops throughout the boil and the multiple dry hop additions lend citrus notes and grapefruity overtones. Malted 2-row barley plays a second fiddle to keep the bitterness of the beer in check by giving the brew a moderate mouthfeel.
  • ABV 8.0%
  • IBU 57

Chincoe The Warrior (IPL)

This India Pale Lager is rich with flavor so prepare your taste buds for a bitter battle between the forces of malt and hops. Chinook, Simcoe, and Warrior hops clash on the playing field of your palate wielding citrusy zing and pine resin. This libation finishes smooth from an extended lagering period during which two additions of fresh dry-hops were added.
  • ABV 7.0%
  • IBU 55

Cinnamon Stout

This dark and roasty brew features lots of cinnamon flavor. Real cinnamon sticks were steeped in the boiling kettle to impart flavor and aroma into the beer. Lactose sugar was then added to the kettle to give the beer a sweet finish. Let this beer be the perfect nightcap during these colder months.


Featuring Falconer's Flight hops (literally, the "F" in IPA), with a dry finish and an assertive bitterness.
  • ABV 5.9%
  • IBU 55

Fuego Coffee Stout

A robust coffee stout brewed with fresh beans from Fuego Coffee Roasters, this stout is the perfect alternative to your afternoon cup 'o joe! Brewed with a unique oat malt from England along with plenty of chocolate malt and roasted barley, Fuego Coffee Stout finishes sweet and roasty with a faint floral essence of English hops.
  • ABV 5.6%
  • IBU 20

Hylian IPA

Brewed with a blend of two row malt and Munich malts, this East coast IPA features grapefruit and citrusy notes with a sweet finish
  • ABV 7.3%
  • IBU 80

Kettle Ridge Maple Wheat Ale

An unfiltered wheat ale made with copious amounts of flavorful maple syrup produced locally by Kettle Ridge Farms.
  • ABV 6.4%
  • IBU 10

Nitro Pub Ale

An unheard-of beer style in the United States, the English Mild is a true tribute to the beers of old. A session-style ale, the Mild is full of complex malt flavors, yet light in body for those who want to enjoy a few pints. The low alcohol by volume makes the English Mild an ideal lunch-break beer!
  • ABV 4.8%

Osiris Baltic Porter

This Baltic Porter was named in honor of the lord of the underworld and god of transitions. As we transition from fall into winter we prepare ourselves for cooler weather by indulging in this rich and complex porter. Notes of molasses, leather, and heavily caramelized malts dominate the flavor. Osiris Baltic Porter was lagered for over two months to give it a smooth and rounded finish which masks its true strength
  • ABV 8.1%

Sinker Slider Citra

New-England style pale ale.
  • ABV 5.9%
  • IBU 55

Taco Tuesday

Brewed with taco seasonings, jalapenos, fresh limes, and cilantro
  • ABV 6.5%

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