Brewery Tours

Our passion for creating world-class craft beers was the sole reason that Rohrbach Brewing Company was founded in 1991, and it is still our driving force today. We are honored to have played a role in the resurgence of craft ales and lagers in Upstate New York. Now, you can experience the world of craft beer with the company that introduced it to Rochester: Rohrbach Brewing Company. Founded in 1991, we strive every day to consistently deliver our flagship beers to our patrons at the highest possible quality standards. In Rohrbach’s Brewery Tour, you will discover the origins of Rohrbach Brewing Company, see and sense the raw building blocks of beer, learn how our signature beers are made right in our production brew house, and learn how our beers are packaged. We look forward to your visit and thank you for your interest!

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This event finished on 31 December 2016