Second Set at the Beer Hall

An evening of live music & rockin’ brews! Beer Hall Sessions features an evening of local, live music, every Thursday at Rohrbach’s rustic Beer Hall at the Public Market. These events are free for your enjoyment and feature some of Rochester’s best musicians! The Rohrbach Beer Hall serves wood-fired pizzas, market-fresh salads, and is now offering NYS wines and cider in addition to our twelve hand-crafted ales and lagers on tap!

Performing Thursday, June 1st, Second Set is an acoustic duo, consisting of Michael Stets and Mark Francis, playing a mix of mostly 60’s and 70’s classic rock with some blues mixed in – Songs from America, Clapton, Gordon Lightfoot, Allman Bros., Neil Young, Beatles, Eagles, Stephen Stills, Van Morrison, and more are sure to appear on the set list, as are songs that are familiar but not normally headr as much, it at all, by other artists around town. For instance, have you ever heard an acoustic version of White Room by Cream? And a few other rather unique tunes like South City Midnight Lady by the Doobies, The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot, and a Jose’ Feliciano version of Light My Fire.

Michael Stets first played in a band in waaaaaay back in 8th grade – he and his buddies were into the Beatles and played a bunch of songs from Abbey Road…or tried to anyway. He has been playing around town in another acoustic duo – Slutsky & Stets – for the past 5 or 6 years (yes, Slutsky is Jeff’s real last name). Mark Francis has been playing in both 3rd Degree and The Blues Masters for the last 30 years and likes to rock it up, Mark wanted to play some acoustic music a couple years ago so he reached out on craig’s list and met up with Michael (yup, it actually works sometimes!). Mark usually has a 6 string in his hands and breaks out the harmonica for some songs. Michael plays the 6 and 12 string guitars, the mandolin, and even grabs a kazoo for one song! The mix of instruments provides for a nice variety of tones and arrangements throughout the set.

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