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The Crew

Brewing Operations

John Urlaub
Owner / Founder

Jim McDermott
Director of Brewing

Eric Bishop
Lead Brewer, Railroad Street

Nicki Forester
Brewer, Railroad Street

Zach Porrey
High Priest of Yeast

Brandon Whalen
Brewer, Railroad Street

Patrick Zachmeyer
Brewer, Railroad Street

Sharon Dix
Office Manager

Sales & Marketing

Chris Cole
Sales Manager

Steve Palermo
Account Manager

Peter Quinn
Account Manager

Bill Greco
Marketing Manager

Brittany Statt
Account Manager / Creative Services Specialist

Food & Beverage Services

Dina Zavaglia
General Manager

Steve Frank
Executive Chef


Emily Burden
Beer Hall Manager

Courtney Wyckoff
Assistant Manager, Beer Hall

Amy Attili
Party / Catering Manager

Bethany Argenbright
Manager, Brewpub

Packaging & Distribution

Steve ‘Braski’ Haag
Master of Packaging

Dominic Pezzimenti
Packaging Guru

Danny Agne
Driver, Deliveries, Distribution

Kevin Hall
Driver, Deliveries, Distribution

Eric Reyes
Driver, Deliveries, Distribution

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