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Her Voice Carries: Cheers to The Women of our City


Rohrbach’s is thrilled to support the launch of Her Voice Carries, a mural project by Sarah C. Rutherford. The project features unique stories of local women who are working and varying communities in Rochester, NY. Each mural celebrates the influence of these women and how their work lifts those around them.

This project truly empowers and inspires all women of our community. These women address powerful issues including local refugees, gender equality, mental health awareness, LGBT rights, child care, and so much more.

On June 26, we hosted a launch event for the project at our beer hall. It was a night full of good brews, great people, live music, and a celebration of a wonderful cause. If you’d like to continue the support, you may donate to the IndieGoGo fundraiser here.


We look forward to seeing each of these murals come alive in Rochester. Cheers to the arts and the women of our city!

Learn more about Her Voice Carries.

Artworks by Sarah C. Rutherford. Photos by Hannah Betts.

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